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    BNO055 mounted vertically

    BNO055 mounted vertically

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    I've just started exploring using the BNO055, so please excuse my question if it's dumb. I chose the sensor because of the availiblity of Euler outputs, and that's what I'm using.

    I have the sensor working correctly providing it's flat, but I wish to mount the sensor vertically. When I try using the sensor vertically, and try to remap the axis using the AXIS_MAP_CONFIG register I can't seem to get it to work. In my case, Y remains as the default reset value, but X and Z axis are swapped.

    After the remap, Y doesn't seem to output anything sensible. With sensor vertical and stationary Y goes from 180 towards 0, or -180 towards 0, depending on the rotation around Y. The output of Y seems to start lagging the motion and not truly representative of the angle of its been rotated by.

    Am I missing something here, like the remap doesn't work with Euler, or you can't mount the sensor vertically?





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    Thank you for your inquiry. Please refer to the app note at for more informaiton regarding axes remapping.


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    Is it possible to draw a picture to show the target coordinate and chip location? Meanwhile, need to know the value you set(AXIS_MAP_CONFIG & AXIS_MAP_SIGN).

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    I have a similar problem with vertical mounting.

    I am using the GitHub BoschSensortec/BNO055_driver for my application and I can successfully set and validate the following setting
    AXIS_MAP_CONFIG:    0x06
    AXIS_MAP_SIGN:         0x00
    but I observed the unexpected behaviours as follows:


    • remapped Acc_x pointing up reads -g 
    • remapped Acc_y pointing up reads +g 
    • remapped Acc_z pointing up reads +g 

    2. From a level attitude, when I roll or pitch the board, let's say, +A deg, the corresponding angle first shows a +A deg and then changes to -A deg and stabilizes, as if the gyro and Acc axes sign do not agree in the sensor fusion engine.  

    by the way, I also tested with android and windows output format and it seems the problems still exist.
    I would appreciate any advice on axes remapping.

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    Please see the attached "BNO055 axis remapping.pdf" for more information. After BNO055 axis remapping the only visible axes will become device body X/Y/Z axes (not BNO055 sensor x/y/z axes) and the pitch/roll/heading definition can be found on page 4 of BNO055 quick start guide document at