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    Development Desktop with BME 680 firmware update problem

    Development Desktop with BME 680 firmware update problem

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    Hello, I am using the Application Board 3.0 with the BME680 Shuttle Board 3.0. Chapter 3.2 of the BM68x Desktop Development 2.0 user manual says, that I have to upgrade the firmware. I follow the steps of the manual, but It doesn't update. I waited more than 2 hours. The note "firmware update in progress..." is unchanged.

    I noticed the following two things (perhaps a notice for my problem):

    1. When I start the boot mode the connection "LED" in the lower right corner of the Development desktop window turns from green to red.

    2. The communication interface field in the Firmware update window is empty. In the manual there stands USB.

    Does someone have an idea for solve my problem. Thank you!

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello FanDE,

    Could you provide a screenshot of your problem?

    Hello BSTRobin,

    thanks for your fast answer. At the start the "connection-LED" looks like this:


    At next I open Settings --> Firmware Upgrade and enter the boot mode like described in the development desktop (blue LED on the pcba). At this time the "connection LED" turns to red. I open the .fwu2-file and click the flash-button:


    Now my problem is, that nothing happens for more than 2 hours.



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    You shouldn't use *.fwu2 file. It's for Application Board 2.0.

    Use *.bin file.

    Go to C:\Program Files\Bosch Sensortec\Development Desktop 2.0\Firmware\APP3.0 . Choose All File (*) and select DevelopmentDesktop_2.0_Firmware_v0.9.bin


    NOTE : Make sure LED glows Blue before doing firmware update. If not, hold T2 button when turning ON Application Board 3.0

    Thank you! Now the firmware is updated in ca. 2 seconds.

    Does a specific manual for the BME680 combined with the application board 3.0 exist? Or is there just one manual for "both" application boards.