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    Inquiries about Odometer and IMU

    Inquiries about Odometer and IMU

    Occasional Visitor

    Hello, everyone

    I am working on a self-auto-driving small indoor robot (not a drone)

    which has Helios2 Wide ToF Sensor

    and want to do SLAM map generation using Google Cartographer on Ubuntu 20

    (PC is Intel NUC 13 Pro)

    For this project, I want to receive each real time

    1. the time stamp

    2. current location or velocity

    3. rotation, euler angle

    4. angular moment, linear acceleration etc

    all of above


    For this, I want to buy and use Bosch Sensor


    May I ask

    Which product or products will be the  best choice(s) for this project??

    Also, can I receive sensing data on Ubuntu via serial or USB 2.0 port??


    Thank you and have a nice day

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi nexreal,
    For your indoor robot product, you can use BMI088 But for algorithm part, you can run MCU side or Ubuntu side.

    The sensor supports I2C or SPI interfaces, but doesn't support USB interfaces. You can use MCU to communicate with sensors and forward the sensor data to Ubuntu through the USB interface of MCU.

    Occasional Visitor

    Hello, Robin:

    Nice to meet you. How are you?

    Thank you for your help and kindness

    May I ask you further question?

    1. Does BMI088 offer realtime timestamp and current location or movement velocity(directional) between two timestamps?

    2. Also, I guess BMI088 provides API SDK. Is that SDK running on Ubuntu 20?

    3. Can I manage transmission of data via SDK? Anyway I should receive data thru USB 2.0 or 3.0 ports

    Please help me with this further issues

    Have a nice day and see you again, Robin

    Take care

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi nexreal,

    1.BMI088 provided sensor time, without current location or movement velocity(directional) between two timestamps. More information, you can refer to BMI088 data sheet
    2.There is BMI088 sensor API and example code on Github The sensor API was written by C language, normally it run on MCU.
    3.BMI088 supports I2C and SPI communication, does not directly support USB transmission.