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    Advanced Bosch BME688 Breakout Board - Beginners guide for configuring on Raspberry Pi 4?

    Advanced Bosch BME688 Breakout Board - Beginners guide for configuring on Raspberry Pi 4?

    New Poster

    I have just bought the Advanced Bosch BME688 Breakout Board from PiHut.  Is there a beginners guide to setting this up on a Rasberry Pi?  This is my first foray into sensors and while I can find arduino related information, I can't track down a detailed guide for the Rasberry Pi.

    Any help, greatly appreciated.


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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hi BSTRobin.

    Thank you for your reponse.

    When I looked at these I could only see Arduino related information.  If you could provide a direct link to the information that would be appreciated.  I tried the links in your response, but again, only found Arduino related information.

    Hi team and all BME fans,


    I have the same problem. I see many tutorials or examples for Arduino, which is great, but there is very low level of support for RPi (python) users. I'm trying for almost 2 weeks and my iaq_accuracy is still on 1. In fact, I'm little bit frustrated. 

    Could you please investigate, or help me understand, what I'm doing wrong? 

    Here is my python3.7 script:

    from bme68x import BME68X
    import bme68xConstants as cst
    import bsecConstants as bsec
    from datetime import datetime
    # Time info just for my purpose
    test_start ="%Y.%m.%d ~ %H:%M:%S")
    test_start1 =

    bme = BME68X(cst.BME68X_I2C_ADDR_LOW, bsec.BSEC_ENABLE)
    while True:
        curr_time ="%Y.%m.%d ~ %H:%M:%S")
        curr_time 1 =
        print("Aktualny cas:", curr_time, "\n")
        data = bme.get_bsec_data()
        for i,j in data.items():
            print(i + ":",j)
        print("Test begins:", test_start)
        print("Test Duration: {}".format(curr_time 1 - test_start1))
     And the python bme68x library from:


    Thank you

    Not sure but don't you a need a sleep there? (3 seconds or something?)