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    Not able to get Gas Estimate Channel X from BSEC

    Not able to get Gas Estimate Channel X from BSEC

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    Hello All
    Goof Day!!
    We are integrating BSEC library with BME688 sensor on NRF SDK ,
    We succesfully able to get compensated Temprature , Humidity,Pressure value from BSEC
    But we are facing issue to get Gas Estimate X out from BSEC,it always show zero value even after 45 minute of test run.
    And also IAQ value always show 25 and "Run in status"  flag always show 0 from BSEC output.

    Please suggest possible solustion of issue.

    Please find detail log in Attachedment

    Let me know if more information require.

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    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello jadeja14890,

    I think you could download BSEC1.x that had C language example. Then you don't need migrate BSEC2.X arduino project to C project, and avoid some problems.

    After you download it, you could refer "examples\bsec_iot_example.c" file.

    I have a similar problem using a BME688 ,BSEC and the BME68X C API from GitHub

    Whenever I try to subscribe the BSEC_OUTPUT_GAS_ESTIMATE_1, bsec_update_subscription returns an error.

    I tried all the BSEC_SAMPLE_RATE macros as well as 1 divided by the duration of the heater profile.

    As I understand it, the sample rate is the amount of samples per second.

    Therefore for a heater profile with a total duration of 100 ms the sample rate should be 1000 ms / 100 ms = 10.

    But if i subscribe the gas estimate with this sample rate I recieve the error -12 by the bsec_update_subscription function.

    I have also recieved error -10.

    The sample_rate of the requested output (virtual) sensor passed to bsec_update_subscription() does not match with the sampling rate allowed for that sensor

    For testing I exported an alogrithm from AI Studio and I use the .config file to call bsec_set_configuration but the gas estimates are always at 0.0 with 0 acccuracy.

    So here are my questions

    1. Which is the correct sample rate to subscribe the BSEC_OUTPUT_GAS_ESTIMATE_1 etc. ?
    2. Do I need to call bsec_update_subscription if I am using a config that was generated as an algorithm by the AI Studio?
    3. Is there a way to extract the subscribed Outputs from the bsec config or the bsec state?

    Community Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Hello MightyNate,

    1.There was integration guide document under "integration_guide" folder as you have downloaded BSEC2.0.6.1 package. You could see sampling rate selection in document.

    BSEC supported virtual sensor output signals.png

    2, 3. In "BME AI-Studio document", it supported to export the algorithm as BSEC configuration file. Refer BME688 integration guide document for how to use it in your project.

    Export the algorithm.png